Regina Beach Water Park

Regina Beach Park Layout - Aquatic Adventures
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Ready for some fun at Regina Beach this summer?

Our park offers 16 on water challenges for all adventure seekers ages 5 and up! Jump your way through our slides, bridges, swings and flip off into Last Mountain Lake all summer.

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Check out the obstacles that will be available at Regina Beach this summer:

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Action Tower

ActionTower XXL

A challenging obstacle block in itself, the ActionTower will test your endurance through climbing, jumping, crawling, hanging and sliding activities. Promotes physical training and team building.

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Balance Beam

Balance Beam

Try to walk this long and narrow beam. Test your balance and concentration. Good possibility to show your physical strengths in a face-to-face competition.

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Base SUS

Base SUS

A Raft! Or the start to many games and events. To start the fun has never been easier thanks to our new step up system (SUS).

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Bridge


Crossing a bridge has never been so much fun! The perfect obstacle to make your combination more challenging and exciting.

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Flip


The first free floating catapult on the water! Experience the exciting feeling of being launched into the air. This is where the action is!

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Ledge


The Ledge offers a whole new way of moving on the water. Includes 4 different levels of difficulty: imagine standing on the ledge of a high building... Don't lean forward too far as you might fall off or, in our case, fall in!

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

Remember the monkey bars from your childhood playground? Try them over the water! Test your arm muscles to swing and dangle like a monkey over the water. The MonkeyBars is a one-of-a-kind product innovation in waterplay!

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Rodeo Slide

Rodeo Slide

Feel like a cowboy on the water, this slide is more fun to ride than a real pony.

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Slope


This steep slide is the perfect finish for an obstacle course! Are you going to make the climb?

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Swing


A childhood dream... the world's first and only modular inflatable swing on the water! Feel like Tarzan and swing from one platform to the other. Promise, you never have seen this before!

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Target


Tag and run! This round module is a balancing act and a great race course for tag games. Run over the bars or create a swim and dive challenge going over and under the obstacles.

Regina Beach Aquatic Adventures - Wiggle Bridge

Wiggle Bridge

Didn't you ever dream about walking on water? With the WiggleBridge you can - if you are able to keep your balance!

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