Online Waterpark Waiver

I, the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge and fully understand that

Aquatic Adventures is a strenuous outdoor physical activity that requires strength, stamina and fitness. The runways and obstacles of the course are all inflatable items anchored in place and floating on the water surface. As such they are slippery and can be potentially hazardous.

I, the undersigned, further understand that injuries can occur.

In using the Sports Park I acknowledge, understand and accept this risk of injury to myself, my friends and their families. People with heart or health problems, pre-existing injuries, especially knees, ankles, shoulders, back and neck, as well as pregnant women are advised not to use the park. Non-swimmers and children under the age of five years and/or smaller than 1,10m/ 3'-7" are not allowed to access the park.

I, the undersigned, understand that I am only permitted to use the Aquatic Adventures Sports Park on the following conditions:

  1. I agree to follow all the safety rules listed below
    • Remove watches, jewelry, keys and any other sharp objects before entering the Sports Park.
    • No access to the Sports Park is granted with any objects from outside the facility.
    • It is mandatory for ALL patrons to wear a BUOYANCY AID at all times. Please ensure your buoyancy aid fits securely and the straps are tightened.
    • NEVER, under any circumstances, attempt to dive underneath any of the obstacles. ALWAYS use the top surface.
    • NEVER DIVE HEAD FIRST into the water from any part of the course. You must always enter the water feet first.
    • ALWAYS look up whilst climbing. Do not climb underneath someone climbing above you. People can slip and fall whilst climbing.
    • Make sure the water and landing area is clear before jumping or sliding into the water.
    • If sliding with a friend DO NOT hold hands. Slide separately.
    • Do not slide down any area that has climbing handles attached.
    • No pushing or excessively rough play. Smaller children should always be given right of way.
    • The park is only for use during public opening hours when STAFF are on duty.
    • The park must never be used under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs.
    • Always follow the directions and rules of the STAFF on duty.
    • If rules are not obeyed, you can be asked to leave the Sports Park.
  2. I agree that I voluntarily choose to participate in the activities on the Sports Park and hereby personally and freely assume all risks in connection with these activities, for any injury, death or damage.
  3. I agree to accept those risks and all liability for the consequences of my actions.
  4. I agree that I will not make any claim for personal injury, death or damage (including property damage) or other loss and that I indemnify the Aquaitc Adventures Sports Park for any liability occurring as a result of or in connection with my participation in the activities on the park.

Adult Participant


Minors (under the age of 18) covered by this agreement listed below

I, the undersigned, confirm that:

  • I have read and fully understood the above Rules and Conditions of Entry; and
  • I am not pregnant when visiting the park; and
  • As parent/guardian for others under the age of 18 I have explained them to each participant listed above.
  • By signing this document, I am relinquishing important legal rights.

Park Hours

Open 7 Days a Week (Weather Dependent)
Please refer to each Park for specific hours.